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There is a large sculpture located on the lawn outside the Anatole, between the Jade and Chantilly entrances, that depicts one of the best known creatures of Greek mythology. What is the name of this mythical beast?

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Intricately carved from white marble, this beautiful piece, located in the Chantilly Foyer, was typically found in formal gardens and has 12 entrances, 3 on each side. This particular piece once adorned an Indian royal palace. What is this piece of artwork called?

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Nearly 5 feet tall, this monumental object, located in the foyer of a ballroom near the Gossip Bar, is the largest recorded Jasperware vase in the world, named after the most famous potter of all time. What is his last name?

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Perhaps one of the most beloved American humorists of all time is immortalized outside of the Atrium I entrance. This Oklahoman was quoted as saying, “I belong to no organized party…I’m a Democrat,” and “The income tax has made more liars out of Americans than golf.” What is this legendary American’s name?

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These iconic pieces of Anatole art were placed at the hotel in honor of the 1984 Republican National Convention, which took place in Dallas. They stand 8 feet tall, weigh 3 tons each and are located in the space adjacent to the Chantilly Ballroom. What are they?

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Just outside the Atrium I entrance, two fierce-looking bronze Fu Lions stand guard, just as they once guarded Buddhist temples. The female lion protects the home and family by resting a paw on a baby fu; while the male lion protects worldly possessions and success by resting his paw on what?

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In some cultures this brightly colored bird is a symbol of pride or vanity, due to the way it struts and shows off its brilliant plumage. There is a spectacular lacquerware screen near the West Wing of the hotel that displays this bird in jade, ivory, mother of pearl, and coral. What type of bird is this?

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There is an art piece in the Atrium II section of the hotel that utilizes 10 miles of aircraft cable, 1780 pulleys and over 45,000 parts? In addition, it measures over 90 feet long, is 50 feet wide and weighs over 12,000 pounds. What is the name of this piece? Hint: Look up!

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There is a bronze sculpture called “The Right Light” located near the Children’s Corner retail store in the tower section of the hotel. What is the subject of this sculpture doing? Who is the artist?

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In the Anatole Sculpture Garden there rests a giant propeller salvaged from one of the most historic ships that ever sailed. Locate this propeller and name the ship from which it came.

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Locate a piece of giant sculpture adjacent to the Verandah Club that might be at home at your favorite football stadium. What is the name of this sculpture?

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Find a historic artifact in the Trinity Art Corridor that signifies one of the most groundbreaking episodes of modern history that took place in 1989.

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